Kathy WestonBroker

Staging for success

Often times, especially in a buyers market, staging a home can yield great success. The house shows more like a home, the buyers can have a clear visual of what the home will look like with decor, and sellers tend to receive stronger offers. Staged homes have an advantage over other less than tasteful looking homes. Buyers tend to buy on emotion and spontaneity at times, therefore reacting positively to an attractively decorated home.

Professional home stagers are truly gifted or very well trained designers that are able to take an ordinary room(s) and create extraordinary results by appealing to the 5 senses in their overall design and appearance. Designers will showcase a room by adding unique and specific pieces of furniture, elements of soft fabrics, eye catching unusual pieces of art or décor, and individually creating a mood that goes well with that particular style of home. Usually the designer will choose pieces in groupings of 1, 3 or 5.

Each room staged, the designer may utilize plants, floor lamps, rugs, mirrors, ottomans, pillows, and any other items he or she may find interesting and tasteful. Often times the kitchen may have a very nice bright bowl of fruit, or a cookie jar and a plant on the counter. Perhaps a bottle or two of bubbly in a wine rack with some wine glasses and a candle. Colorful cookbooks, kitchen towels or whatever seems to set the mood. Bathrooms are fun, and can be very tastefully decorated with designer towels tied with a ribbon, baskets with soaps and lotions, potpourri collections and rugs. Sometimes the designer will even stage outside areas of a home with a small table, picnic dishware, floral arrangements, outdoor rugs and more. 

Prices of staging will depend on a variety of things such as area, market conditions and amount of staging to be done and length of time for home to be staged. Some professional staging designers charge per month, while others charge a flat rate. 

Realtors may often help sellers out with staging a home. It is helpful to utilize the sellers own personal items if possible. This is especially helpful when the seller remains living in the house. Realtors tend to know what a buyer is looking for and can typically do small changes that bring large results.