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“Let’s get you and your home ‘SOLD’ ready”

Preparing to sell your home can be both emotionally and physically challenging, especially if you have had years of memories created there. We know this, and that is why we have prepared some helpful solutions to overcome and conquer a few of the hurdles that you may be faced with, and make the transition a bit smoother. 

Here are a few of our suggestions….

‘It is now time to turn your home into a house’
As you go through the years in your home, you remember all of the times that you have shared with family and friends, all of the memories that have been created. This is such an important part of your life. What happens when we prepare to sell this home, is that we remember the home we had all of those memories in, but we now have to convert that home we’ve enjoyed, into a house so that someone else can begin to create their own memories and make your old’ house, their new home. You will collect all of those memories and move them to your next house, making it your new home. 

It is very difficult to let go, but this is what you will be doing. You will soon be handing the keys to your ‘house’ to a new owner, and saying good-bye to the house, but not those memories you hold so dear. 

The best way to do this is to not look backwards, stay focusing on the future. This is an emotional time for most homeowners so we recommend that you de- personalize your home and prepare yourself for the transition. It is very important to pack up personal items, by putting away excessive photos and wall hangings. You will want your buyer to be able to visualize their own personal possessions in your house, and be able to imagine themselves living there and making it their home. This is difficult to do if they cannot see through your family photos and personal items. 

Next, you will need to remove any and all clutter. Usually we do not realize how much ‘stuff’ that we actually have out that we are not using. If it has been over a year since you’ve used something, get rid of it. Box it up, donate it, have a yard sale, just so long as your potential buyers do not have to look at it. Often times a buyer will wonder if it will all go away when the seller moves. 

Here are some tips:

• Keep it simple! • Make a list, room by room of things to do. Try to tackle one project at a time. This will help you to be encouraged as you mark ‘done’ as you move through the list.
• Clear every counter top in both kitchen and bathrooms. Just keep out your favorite decorative piece or two for color. A nice cookie jar or plant is okay.
• Hang your nicest decorative bath and kitchen towels.
• Clear all of your bookshelves of books and knick-knacks. Only leave a plant or small set of books that compliment the space, but not overwhelm it.
• Start packing, you will need to do it anyways. Leave out just what you will need to get by for a short time. 
• Organize closets, cabinets and drawers so that they look neat and tidy. Buyers look into all storage areas as to ensure enough space for their personal items.
• Keep it neat and tidy. Your buyer will feel that you have taken better care of the home is they see you have good tidy habits. 
• Rent a storage unit for any excess furniture and boxes you will be packing. A buyer wants to see as much space as possible. Since you will be moving anyways, pack it up and move it out.
• Leave just the right amount of furniture to really set the room apart, giving your buyers a feel for how a room can look. Nice and open, clean, clear of clutter.
• Remove any fixtures that will not remain with the home, such as that chandelier Great Grandmother gave you. You will want to replace it with one that will remain. 

A buyer previewing your home is likely going to notice the flaws. The less you have, the more likely he/she will be to have interest. Getting an inspection is a good way to curve the risk of having surprise items come up after you have a buyer in place, as well as getting those problem areas addressed so that you can have them repaired.

Some of the items that you will want to correct or remedy are the following:

• Consider painting any walls in your home that are not already neutral. Tame down bright or dark colors and do any touch-ups you notice.
• Correct any cracks or holes in the walls, inside and out. Be sure to disclose anything that is pertinent to a new buyer.
• Make any minor repairs, leaky faucets, squeaky doors and drawers, etc.
• Be sure that the front door is at its best. You may want to refresh the paint/ stain, or ad new hardware. Remember, it is the first impression before a potential buyer enters your house.
• Shampoo carpets if necessary, clean furniture and window blinds.
• Wash windows inside and out, make them sparkle. Clean mirrors and fixtures
• Clean every crack and crevice as the saying goes. 
• In some cases you may want to update those older out of date fixtures in the house with more up to date choices.

What do you notice first when you pull into someone’s driveway? The front door, usually, then the colors and lawn. Be sure that the front of your house is crisp and clean so that when your potential buyer pulls into your driveway, they are already impressed. 

Here are some ideas to ad to the exterior impression of your house.

• Plant seed or lay sod down in any bare areas of the lawn.
• Mow and edge the parameter of lawn areas.
• Correct any broken sprinkler heads.
• Shape all of the shrubbery.
• Remove any rubbish and piles of debris from around the front and back yards.
• Weed the flower beds and plant brightly colored flowers or rich leaved plants.
• Place a nice planter or pot of blooming flowers on your porch.
• Freshen up areas with clean rich dirt or fine sized landscaping bark.
• Mend fences and faucets.
• Clean up after your pets.

Once you have accomplished the look you are going for, stand back and take a good look at each room. Try to imagine yourself as a buyer. What would you think if you were looking to buy your house?

Now you are ready to get your home sold! We can definitely help you with that. Contact one of our great Realtors to assist and guide you through the process.